It is a residential development that, due to its extensive size and long-standing history, has been shaping over the years a distinct vision compared to other residential concepts in the country.

It has been developed in several stages under two urban planning regimes: traditional urban lots and horizontal condominiums.

Unlike others, the sporting and recreational amenities are independent and all gathered in a private Club, which offers membership through additional monthly maintenance fees.

As a result, common areas in the different stages have been exclusively set aside for parks and green areas, further enhancing the privacy and comfort of our residents.

The development features controlled main entrances, 24/7 surveillance and patrolling, as well as designated areas for commercial and educational services.

Thus far, more than 500 families have chosen Ciudad-Hacienda Los Reyes as their place of residence.

Visit us and get to know Ciudad-Hacienda Los Reyes, the ideal place for a life of well-being.

Master Plan