Purchase your lot at Los Llanos; reserve with $ 1,000 and upon paying $4,000 sign your sales contract. You will have up to 15 months to complete the 20 % interest free down payment. The remaining 80 % can be financed thru the local banking system.

Lots at Los Llanos are very similar to those at Condominio Residencial Madero Negro and Los Manzanos. Los Llanos is a sub-condominium Condominio Residencial Las Vueltas, built since 2001 surrounded by beautiful single family and townhouse residences:

    • Cement tiled streets – 7 meters wide with sidewalks
    • Underground electricity, telephone system, cable TV system, and street lighting
    • Two way internet via cable modem
    • Ample drinking water
    • Independent sewage treatment plant
    • Restricted 24/7 access
    • By Laws that control the architecture, cleanliness and order
    • Variety of lot dimensions available for single family homes:
      Fronts from – 20 meters to 25 meters approximately
    • Areas from – 600 m2 to 700 m2 approximately

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