Condominio Residencial Las Mesetas is the newest development consisting of smaller sized single family home lots at Ciudad-Hacienda Los Reyes.  It is the ideal project for those seeking to invest their savings and eventually build their home. It has the backing and experience of Los Reyes, S.A. (developer of Ciudad-Hacienda Los Reyes).

Lots located in the Second Stage are already being delivered to their buyers.  There are still some very attractive ones available for immediate delivery.  Groundbreaking for the Third Stage will begin shortly.

Amongst the advantages of acquiring your lot at Las Mesetas is that you can reserve your lot with $ 1,000.  Upon signing a purchase agreement and paying an additional $ 2,000, you can then pay the 20% down payment in installments of up to 12 months, interest free.  The remaining 80 % may be financed thru the main Banks of the Costa Rican banking system.  Once closed, new owners can begin construction of their homes.

Lots at Las Mesetas will have similar infrastructure as those of other neighboring completed projects, such as Los Manzanos or Madero Negro:

  • 14-meter right-of-way with 7-meter cement tile streets and sidewalks
  • Underground electricity, telephone system, cable TV system, and street lighting
  • Two-way internet via optical fiber
  • Drinking water
  • Independent sewage treatment plant
  • Restricted 24/7 access
  • By Laws that control the architecture, cleanliness and order
  • Variety of lot dimensions available for single family homes:
    Fronts from – 12 meters to 40 meters approximately
  • Areas from – 300 m2 to 410 m2 approximately

Best location in the Cental Valley

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